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Monday, September 15, 2014

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Grumari Gay Beach

 Off the Beaten Track

by Rafael Torres

When you plan a trip to Rio many images come to your mind. Hm, the sun, the boys, samba everywhere, oh yes, I will stay in Copa, perhaps in Ipanema where the best beach is, and there is a gay beach there, right at POSTO 8; then the landscape, the green mountains of the Christ and the famous Sugar Loaf; maybe I will do something social, I might visit a Favela, and then you go back home and tell everyone: I HAVE BEEN TO RIO!

I am sorry to disappoint you but you’ve just visited Rio, you have not been there and done it!. First there’s the hot weather and then the hot bodies; you begin feeling very hot yourself too in more ways then one. It’s time for some serious interaction with the locals; you’ll probably go right away to Ipanema Beach or to any disco in Copacabana, or even better, you will try a sauna! But the best is yet to come.

So here’s how it goes; a 30 min drive west out of Rio, when you see the signposts become few and far between, you will find a place best known as GRUMARI. Now on the beach, to the far left there is a place where you can swim wearing only your birthday suit; that’s it: NUDE, stark naked! Most people there are MEN, and when a bunch of naked guys get together it’s not hard to imagine what it could lead to. 

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Grumari beach is part of a Nature Reserve protected by the State; you will have to head to PRAINHA (Portuguese for small beach), after Prainha comes Abricó . Just near some huge rocks there the first path and following that you'll come to a vast sandy beach with some woods/bushes and lots of rocks. Blue sea, two charming islands and such unspoilt nature is the perfect cruising grounds. Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to go. There are lots of gorgeous guys there; you won’t be disappointed. Cruising, sun bathing, clear blue sea and lots of hanky-panky; what else could you ask for? 

Getting there is a bit tricky: you’ll need to head out west past Barra da Tijuca, follow the coast line till you come to RESERVA; keep going then you’ll go past Macumba beach, then up a very hilly road. Et voila, that’s the beginning of Grumari where the Abrico nude beach is located.

NOTE: There’s no public transport to get there; you’ll need a car otherwise you’ll have to do a lot of walking.

Do consider paying a visit to Grumari on your next trip to Rio and you’ll be able to say you’ve been there. 






Bar & Restaurant

Do you ever get that food craving after a whole night out clubbing? That’s when Cervantes comes in handy. Serving a variety of delicious sandwiches on French bread filled with cheese, steak, and pork or chicken, Cervantes is a must for those with the munchies; definitely the best sandwich shop in town. You can add sauces of your choice, onions or even fruits. The speciality is pork and pineapple.

Cervantes is located in the area around the end of Copacabana, towards Leme beach.

Address: Av. Prado Júnior, 335 - Copacabana , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phone: 021/2275-6147

Music Scene


Download some of Maver's baddest House music sets free: release dates:

DJ Maver Brief Bio.
Born: 1981.
Predominant style: Tribal and Progressive House.

Electronic music lover since the age of 16, Maver has always been involved with the production of small events and private parties and in doing so most of his circle of friends was made up of people in the djing area. Through his DJ friends’ insistence, who believed in his talent and his knowledge of music, he then decided it was time to learn pick-ups techniques.

Having started playing in privates parties, chill-outs and gigs, Maver was eventually given the much needed opportunity by his friend DJ Robson Araujo to show his musical talents to a large public at the former Egito night club. The connection with the crowd and the vibe from his music set were just remarkable, pleasing to a great degree the crowd present. Since then Maver's been hard at work and still keeping to his roots



  May 1, 2007


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